Commonly Asked Questions

Not sure about something regarding our services, clinic, or payments? We’ve addressed some of the most common questions below, but if something still isn’t clear, feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to resolve any doubts you may have.


I've never been to an emergency vet before. What can I expect?

When you arrive at our hospital, our team of technicians and assistants will provide you with a questionnaire to fill out of some general information about you and your pet. They will check you in and take a first round of your pet's vital signs (heat rate, respiratory rate, temperature, etc...) and ask you some questions about what has been going on with your pet that is concerning.  

Our hospital operates on system of triage where the most critical patients must be seen and taken care of first. This sometimes involves wait times for patients who are stable, but don't worry - we see patients much faster than human emergency rooms. 

After you're checked in, a doctor will come examine your pet and provide you with an estimate for her recommended treatment plan. Sometimes this involves diagnostics to help us figure out what is causing problems for your pet or treatments such as medications and cleaning up wounds or hospitalization and surgical procedures. Always feel welcome to discuss treatment options with our team. We are happy to answer questions and explain what something means and what is most necessary. We want to work with you to provide the best treatment for your furry family members. 

​Our staff is trained to be up front about the price of exams and treatments so that there are no surprises for you. We understand that emergencies are not planned and medical needs can often be extensive and costly. We are happy to discuss any and all items on your estimate and find a plan that works for you and your pet. Our primary concern is giving your pet the care they need.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No. We do appreciate a call before you come in so that we can prepare for whatever your pet may need, but due to the nature of emergency medicine, we can not schedule appointments. Patients are seen on a basis of need with the most critically affected being seen first.

I'm more comfortable with my own vet. I don't want to replace them if we come see you.

That is perfectly understandable, and we don't want to replace your vet either. In fact, the common services that your primary care veterinarian offers to keep your pets healthy (such as vaccines and dental checkups) are not services we offer. Our team is strictly here to handle urgent, emergency, and critical problems should they happen to arise when your vet is closed for the day. We're a specialty clinic and don't have regular patients that we see on a routine basis. We like to work with your vet and strive to help them take care of you and your pets.

I found a stray cat/dog. What do I do?

If you've found a pet who is injured, you can bring it to us for treatment. Use extreme caution when handling an injured animal. Wrap them in thick blankets if necessary. Smaller animals can be placed in a cardboard box or carrier if you have one. 

If you’ve found a dog or cat who is not injured, we can scan them for a microchip and add information about them to our lost and found binder so that if someone calls looking for their pet, we can direct them to you. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to take in stray dogs and cats unless they are in need of medical attention. Our facility does not have boarding capabilities, and once we have treated the stray cats and dogs who come to us, they are transported usually to the Willamette Valley Humane Society or the Marion County Dog Control Shelter. 

For more information about stray animals, visit our page on Strays & Wildlife. 

Do you treat exotic animals or pocket pets?

Yes! Some of our doctors are more familiar with certain exotic pets than others, so it helps to call before you come in to make sure we have a doctor available who can take care of whatever pet you have. The list of pets we are able to treat includes: birds, snakes, turtles, lizards, iguanas, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, and sugar gliders.

Do you treat large animals?

We are a small animal practice, and so we do not handle animals such as cows, horses, goats, pigs, and sheep.

I am unable to bring my pet to see you. Is there someone who can come to me?

Unfortunately, we do not have on-site or mobile capabilities. There are a few mobile clinics who operate in Salem during weekday hours. You can find contact info for them on our resources page.

If you are in need of or would prefer an at-home euthanasia for a terminally ill pet, there are a few who will make an appointment for you. Visit Pet Loss at HomeLap of Love, or Loving Hands for more details on end of life care. 

What types of payment do you accept? Is payment due immediately?

We are able to accept all major credit cards, debit cards, cash, Scratchpay, and CareCredit. Payment is due at the time of service.

If your pet is being hospitalized, we ask for the low end of the estimate the doctor gave you as a deposit. If your total is less than expected, we refund you what wasn’t used. If your total is more than your deposit, we let you know how much of a balance there is. 

Though we are unable to accept checks or offer payment plans at this time, CareCredit and Scratchpay offer monthly billing. 

Pet insurance is another option for financial assistance. A few options include Trupanion and Embrace.

Are there any payment plans available?

There are two payment plan options we accept, and those are through CareCredit and Scratchpay.

CareCredit is a medical credit card that offers no interest payment plans for 6 months. Visit their website here for more info.

Scratchpay is a financial company that offers short term loans and monthly payment plans chosen by the user. Visit their website here for more info.

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