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Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic

We are an emergency hospital dedicated to your pet's urgent medical care needs.

Unsure if your pet should see an emergency veterinarian?  

Call our clinic now with questions. 

503 - 588 - 8082

     There is no need to make an appointment. Similar to a human emergency room, we admit patients in order of medical severity and time of arrival. 


     If your pet is having a medical emergency, call us or show up at our hospital where our staff will take care of both you and your pets. 

What You Need to Do

if your pet needs an emergency exam
  • Call us as soon as you arrive at our hospital

We have numbered parking spaces in front of our building. Let our staff know where you are parked so that they may assist you. 

This is our Patient Admission paperwork. It includes your contact information, your pet's name, age, breed, and so on, and a few questions about your pet's medical history. Most importantly, it is where you can tell us the concerns you have or symptoms you are seeing that prompted your emergency visit with us.

Please call our clinic if you need assistance or have questions. 


News Bulletins!


NOTICE: If you have a pet who needs to be seen after 11pm on a Wednesday or Thursday night, please call us first to check availability. We have limited space available. Thank you!

Visit our Hours page to see our extended hours for the holidays.  

We are very happy to offer exams for your pet with you in person again!  However, there is a limited amount of space available inside our hospital and we need to keep all pets and people safe.  Please call for wait times and availability. 

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If you have questions or concerns about your pet, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help at any time.


For any urgent or emergency crisis, please call our hospital so that we may assist you immediately. 

If you have questions about our facility or something unrelated to a pet emergency, feel free to email us or visit our Facebook.

3215 Market St NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

PHONE: 503-588-8082

FAX: 503-362-6764

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