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Due to the recent public health crisis, we are no longer able to allow people to accompany their pets into our hospital. We need to protect our clients as well as our staff from the viral pandemic, and so must ask for your cooperation and patience as we work to provide urgent care for your furry family members.

Once you arrive, you can fill out our Online Intake Questionnaire or our staff will take your info over the phone. A staff member will bring your pet into our treatment area for our doctors to examine. Afterwards, our doctors and technicians will call you to discuss treatment options and test results and are prepared to take payments over the phone.

Our clinic works on a system of triage - the most critical patients must be attended to first. Other patients will be seen in order of arrival.

If you are transferring from another clinic or have a pet in immediate distress, please let our staff know so we can fast track them into our hospital.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time as we work to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

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Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic has been a community leader in emergency veterinary medicine for almost 40 years.  We are a family-owned, private practice, and the primary facility for emergency referrals from all veterinary practices in the greater Salem area.  

Our mission is to provide urgent care for your beloved pets when your primary veterinarian is not available. We work with your vet to offer the very best care whenever it is needed.

We are open all night when regular clinics are closed and provide 24 hour services on weekends and holidays. There is always at least one doctor on the premises during business hours with plenty of staff available to assist you and your pets.

We are dedicated to showing compassion and understanding to all our clients and their beloved companions. Emergencies can be scary and painful, but we are here to help you and your pet through them. 


What is a Veterinary Emergency?

How do you know if your pet needs to see a veterinarian? 

Click the link below for a list of common symptoms to watch for and what to do in case of an emergency.


Emergency Intake Questionnaire

This is our intake form for every patient who comes through our hospital. It includes client contact information, general information about your pet and their medical history, and a comprehensive list of symptoms that a pet may be experiencing if they are in need of urgent or emergency care.

If you are on your way to our hospital or waiting to be seen, please fill out this form and submit it to us.

Thank you!

Please note (unless it is a holiday and we have extended hours listed) we are CLOSED Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm and will not be available during those hours. Visit our Resources page for links to all other veterinary clinics in the greater Salem/Keizer area.


Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 5pm - 8am

Sat: 24 Hours

Sun: 24 Hours

Holidays: 24 Hours

Visit our Hours & Holidays page for details on any extended hours. 


Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about your pet, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help at any time.

For any urgent or emergency crisis, please call our hospital so that we may assist you immediately. 

If you have questions about our facility or something unrelated to a pet emergency, feel free to email us or visit our Facebook.

3215 Market St NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

PHONE: 503-588-8082

FAX: 503-362-6764

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