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LeStat the CatSalem Veterinary Emergency Clinic provides care to animals that are having medical emergencies. One of the services that we provide is the collection and administration of blood products to patients. SVEC has a supply of Fresh Frozen Plasma, as well as access to amazing pets that are able to donate fresh whole blood for transfusions.

For felines we have clinic cats, as well as employee pets, that have been blood typed as either Type A or Type B blood. All of our feline blood donors are indoors only, have been fully tested, are disease free, and are current on all medical care.


For dogs, we have volunteer pet owners of suitable blood donor dogs, who thankfully come to the rescue when we have need of fresh whole blood for transfusions. If you are interested in volunteering your pet to help provide this life saving treatment, we are always looking for willing owners that have a dog or dogs that match the requirements below. Becoming a canine blood donor requires in depth testing for specific antibodies and diseases. Because of the complexity of their blood types, some dogs are unable to be part of the donor program. Blood donors that can provide blood to any blood type are known as Universal Donors.

Grey Hound

Requirements for Canine Blood Donor Program

The younger the patient can be established as a blood donor, the better for the program.

An ideal canine blood donor:

  • Weighs more than 55 pounds
  • Is older than 2 years of age
  • Has an easy going temperament
  • Is current on vaccinations
  • Does not have any known medical problems
  • Has annual CBC and Chemistry panels completed

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If you have any questions or are interested in getting more information about our program, please contact Ally at 503-588-8082.