Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Hours & Location – Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic

We are located behind the Rock-N-Rogers restaurant, which has a big pink Cadillac car for its sign. There is a stop light at the corner of Market and Savage that turns into the parking lot in front of our building.

We are open nights, weekends, and holidays.

Because we are an emergency facility, we are not able to make appointments. We treat patients on a first come, first serve basis, but we are required to treat the most critical patients first.

Any time we are open, we always have staff in the building. This includes a team of at least 1 doctor and 1 technician.

On weeknights we open at 5pm and stay open all night long until 8am the next morning. During the week, we are closed during the day, when primary care veterinarians are open. We are open 24 hours on weekends, meaning we open at 5pm Friday night and stay open until 8am Monday morning. We are also open for 24 hours on holidays.

Our phone number is 503-588-8082.

If you call and receive our voicemail and there is a pet emergency, please come in to the clinic. If you need to talk to a technician about an emergency and are unable to find the information on this website, please call back.

3215 Market St NE
Salem, OR 97301

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