Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic – About Us

Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic has been a community leader in veterinary emergency medicine for more than 25 years, and is the choice of area veterinarians for urgent, emergency, and critical care referrals.

Our Promise
At the Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic, we care about that one special pet – yours! We understand that is takes much more than just medical skill to fully care for animals. It takes compassion and dedication – which is our promise to you and your beloved family member. We strive to follow the Golden Rule as we give you and your pet the best care possible.

What to Expect at SVEC
Your pet will be examined and assessed by one of our critical care veterinarians who will explain treatment options and provide a cost estimate. Please remember that cases are seen on the basis of need, with the most severely affected patients being seen first.

A Fully Equipped Veterinary Hospital
SVEC is fully equipped to handle emergencies that may arise. Much of our equipment and many of our treatment regimens are identical to those found in human hospitals. Our superb in-house laboratory provides fast, lifesaving diagnoses, enabling us to aggressively and effectively treat your pet. In order to anticipate and preempt problems, instead of reacting to them, SVEC has an extensive monitoring network, a blood bank for dogs and cats, and outstanding professional and support personnel.

Compassion and Dedication
As you leave SVEC, you will be given a copy of your pet’s record including all X-rays and diagnostic tests. The attending doctor will notify your regular veterinary clinic upon discharge and let them know of your visit with us, and we will remain available to them even after your pet’s stay with us is completed.

Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic is located in Salem, Oregon for convenient service to our local clients and the surrounding areas. If you have questions about our emergency animal care services, please contact us today.

Thank you for visiting us at Salem Veterinary Emergency Clinic. We look forward to providing you with the best emergency animal care services available.